Learning to cope with life beyond addiction is a cornerstone of recovery. Each of our residential service options includes the incorporation of “real life” experiences into each client’s recovery journey at the Beacon House. In fact, these Experiential Therapy Programs can make all the difference in your recovery journey.

Our Northern California location on the scenic Monterey Peninsula provides access to world-class golf facilities, private horse stables in Carmel and endless outdoor recreational pastimes. Moreover, we utilize these resources to reintroduce clients to “real life” without drugs and alcohol, experiencing how to live a healthy, sober life outside the treatment center.

Beacon House believes that balance in treatment is critical. Therefore, one way to model balance is through Experiential Therapy Programs or recreationally based activities. This promotes a recovery-based lifestyle. By introducing coping tools for stress-reduction and mindfulness, hope is restored through outdoor, spiritual discoveries. Surfing & watersports, birding, equine therapy, and golfing are services that offer residents the opportunity to explore the exquisite local wildlife and ocean environment.

Surfing & Watersports

Beacon House Alum & Professional Surfer, Darryl “Flea” Virostko, along with the help of local Surf Instructor and Counselor, Noah Greenberg, are leading the charge with Beacon House’s newest Experiential Treatment Service Surfing & Watersports. With access to world-class surf and water sports up and down the coast between Santa Cruz, Monterey, Carmel, and Big Sur; this service is completely unique to Beacon House.

surf therapy

Focusing on building self-confidence and the benefits of living a healthy, sober lifestyle, Darryl and Noah teach a range of levels during their classes that include: water safety, surfing, boogie boarding, stand up paddle boarding and other water activities. Equipment and wetsuits are provided in all professional instruction.

In addition, Beacon House features Surfing & Watersports activities for Alumni throughout the year, all events are scheduled in advance and posted on our Alumni page.


One of our most unique experiential services, Birding, provides a foundation for developing the spiritual aspects of ongoing recovery while gaining familiarity with the diverse ecosystem of the local region. This service is offered once a month.

“An opportunity to see some of nature’s wonders through clean and sober eyes.”
bird in California

Equine Therapy

Our Equine Assisted Therapy service incorporates the outstanding environment into the recovery process. Additionally, utilizing a picturesque horse ranch in nearby Carmel, residents are taught how to begin to understand that relating to horses can be beneficial to the recovery process through non-verbal connection and communication. Through this process the horses become aware and sensitive to the resident’s fears, anxiety, aggression and/or intentions. These interactions become powerful tools, teaching the individual about boundaries, patience, expectations, diligence, solutions, fear and faith.

horseback riding. Equine therapy program.
“The horses are gifted at pointing out when the insides don’t match the outsides of a person. They help to crumble facades or walls without a person even realizing it! Once the participant spends a little time with the horse, they instinctively tune in to the horse and in so doing, become objectively self-aware.”
– Connie Yost, Equine Director, Polestar Farms

Golf & Recovery

Offered on beautiful golf courses throughout the local region, our Golf & Recovery service provides the opportunity to get outdoors, take in scenic views, and learn about the dynamics of golf, taught by PGA Professionals.

Recovery in golf is similar to hitting a shot to get you out of trouble. Furthermore, the development of a new skill parallels the skill set individuals in recovery develop at Beacon House. Residents will learn to master simple skills at their own pace and practice easy-to-master golf fundamentals designed to immediately build confidence and raise self-esteem. Of course, each participant can enjoy outdoor fresh-air exercise and experience a new manner of living.

Experiential therapy program

We use a simple approach for playing and enjoying golf, supporting an individual’s development through four steps:

  1. Get a grip
  2. Set up for success
  3. Find balance
  4. Swing for a lifetime
“To play golf better, think simply, swing simply.”

In June 2019, our golf program was featured on two local news stations, KSBW and KION.

Rock to Recovery

Wes Geer (the former guitar player for Korn) is the founder of the nonprofit organization Rock to Recovery (https://rocktorecovery.org/). The clients form a “band” and write and record songs together, along with Rock to Recovery’s staff of professional musicians, who are also in recovery, creating incredible, transformative music expression groups.

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