What is a dual diagnosis treatment center?At Beacon House, we are committed to treating the whole person. Often, along with substance abuse issues, a co-occurring disorder exists in tandem, such as anxiety and/or depression. Often, if not treated, these co-occurring disorders tend to escalate and become more chronic, frequently leading to increased health and psychological risks. Therefore, our dual diagnosis treatment center will help you overcome both the addiction and mental illness in your life.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center Benefits

When you enter our dual diagnosis treatment center, you will have access to numerous therapies and treatments. In fact, a combination of modalities will complete your rehabilitation plan. Each treatment plan will be unique to that specific client, depending on their experiences and the severity of their substance abuse and mental illness.

For example, we offer therapies such as:

At our dual diagnosis treatment center, you will immerse yourself in therapy to find the root causes of your addiction. However, treating the addiction without the mental illness won’t lead to successful recovery. As a result, the mental illness may lead the addiction back into your life, and vice-versa. If the mental illness is treated properly, but the addiction is still active, it can spur the mental illness back into your life.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center in Northern California

In Northern California, Beacon House provides the dual diagnosis treatment center that you deserve. With our staff by your side, you can enter treatment with confidence and comfort. Moreover, your safety and success in recovery are our top priorities.

Are you struggling with a mental illness and addiction in your life? If so, seek help through our dual diagnosis treatment center. Therefore, take this step towards sobriety and mental wellbeing. For more information, contact us today at 866.416.3873.