Our Mission is to Provide Life-Changing Rehab Programs in a Supportive Environment

Beacon House Mission and Commitment PhilosophyAs one of the first treatment centers in the Western United States, Beacon House has helped thousands achieve lasting sobriety from alcohol and drugs. Beacon House understands what is necessary to achieve a lifetime of recovery. As a non-profit, we invest all resources in delivering the highest level of individualized care while providing an affordable drug and alcohol rehab. Learn more about our Beacon House mission today. It’s our mission to ensure you have the tools and support necessary to find success in treatment.

Located on the scenic Monterey Peninsula on the coast of Northern California, Beacon House promises a supportive environment for adult men and women seeking to realize a lifetime without drugs and alcohol.

Beacon House Mission

Specifically, support can make all the difference in your recovery journey. Without proper support, you won’t be able to focus on your sobriety and overall wellness. Therefore, at Beacon House, we provide numerous resources for individuals and their families to learn more about the process of addiction treatment. For example, our addiction treatment programs include:

With a combination of therapies during your stay, you will have the best chance at a complete recovery. It is our mission to ensure your safety at all times. We’ll provide the resources you need and the support you deserve.

Our Mission Is Built On Support And Safety

No one should ever face addiction alone. Furthermore, this disease can be overwhelming and make you believe that there’s no end in sight. However, Beacon House’s mission is to give you proven treatment and confidence in recovery. With a supportive environment, you can build a brighter future in sobriety.

Are you ready to reinvent yourself with effective addiction treatment? If so, learn more about our Beacon House mission today. Contact us now at 831.372.4366 to learn more about our mission.