Your legacy or estate gift will allow Beacon House; the most established, continually operating residential addiction recovery house in the Western United States, to continue providing our vitally important services for generations to come. Specifically, with Planned and Corporate Giving, you can help us grow and help our clients with a lifetime of recovery.

In addition, our team of development and legal professionals can work alongside your trusted advisors, to help design a legacy giving plan that reflects your wishes and requests.

Planned and Corporate Giving.For example, planned gifts may be made in many ways, but are not limited to:

  • In your Will – name Beacon House along with a specific amount, a percentage share, or the remainder
  • In your Revocable Living Trust – name Beacon House as the beneficiary of assets
  • Real Property – specifically donate directly to Beacon House, or deed ownership to Beacon House and maintain a life estate so you or another may reside there for life
  • Life Insurance Policy – name Beacon House as the beneficiary
  • Retirement Assets – transfer IRA assets directly to Beacon House or name Beacon House as the beneficiary of assets after death
  • Gift of assets that return lifetime income such as a Charitable Remainder Trust
  • Charitable Gift Annuities

Planned and Corporate Giving

Beacon House welcomes the opportunity to explore corporate giving and sponsorships with like-minded partners. Furthermore, we appreciate the prospect of developing working relationships that may include: sponsorship of public events, underwriting of costs associated with programs and services, and direct grants.

In fact, corporate participation can help Beacon House expand our reach and services, bringing education about addiction and the benefits of achieving lasting recovery to the community at large. Involvement and collaborating with like-minded companies goes hand in hand with our mission of helping those struggling with addiction, and provides the opportunity for our corporate partners to support an amazing cause, while affording resources and engagement with employees and customers. To learn more about our Planned and Corporate Giving Program, please call Executive Director/CEO, Susan E. Cowen at 831.372.4366 or at


Your contributions are tax-deductible per IRS regulations.