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The recovery journey is filled with opportunities to learn and grow. Change is the goal: we stand by your side as you develop the awareness, build the skills, and discover the confidence you need to live without alcohol and drugs.

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About Beacon House

Beacon House is the oldest treatment center west of the Mississippi. Founded in 1958, we’ve occupied the same historic mansion in a residential neighborhood in Pacific Grove, California, since 1961. Our classic, quirky, stylish, fully renovated Victorian lives up to its name: it stands as a beacon of hope for anyone who wants to live a life without alcohol and drugs.

We’ve welcomed people into our safe, kind, loving space to share our knowledge about recovery for over sixty years. We combine the latest evidence-based clinical practices with our rich history and experience to create the best of both worlds. At Beacon House, 21st century innovation coexists with decades of tradition. If our walls could speak, they’d tell stories of hope, resilience, and the healing power of the human spirit. People come to Beacon House to rebuild their lives. When they go back out into the world, their light shines bright. While our walls can’t speak, our alumni can: they carry our message of hope for a future free from the cycles of addiction.

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Spotlight On Experiential Therapy Meet Your Surf Instructor, Darryl “Flea” Virostko

California surf legend, three-time Mavericks winner, and Beacon House alumnus Darryl Virostko co-facilitates our experiential surf program along with Noah Greenberg, LCSW. Flea believes surfing helps people in recovery get out of their comfort zone, push their limits, and reminds them that they’re capable of accomplishing anything they put their mind to. The most important part of surfing, though, is not about the waves, the water, or the surfboard: it’s about reminding people in recovery they can have fun without alcohol and drugs.

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We Treat You, Not the Condition

Addiction disrupts your life, damages relationships, and affects your ability to thrive. We don’t treat the addiction, we treat you. Addiction is a chronic medical condition that responds to treatment. We help you develop the skills and tools necessary for long-term recovery.

Whether you have an alcohol use disorder, drug addiction, or co-occurring disorders we can help you discover a life of joy.

Start Your Recovery Now!

We know making the decision to seek treatment is not easy.  It may be the hardest decision you’ve ever made in your life. It takes self-awareness, bravery, and humility. Picking up the phone to call us and ask for help may the most difficult thing you can imagine doing. But it may also be the most important call you ever make – because the right treatment at the right time can save your life.

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Certified Accreditation

We offer the highest quality evidence-based treatment for alcohol and substance use disorders available. We value transparency, accountability, and hold ourselves to the highest possible professional standards. We’re licensed by the State of California Department of Healthcare Services (DHCS), accredited by the Commission of Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), and a member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers.

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