Experiential Treatment Programs

Learning to cope with life beyond addiction is a cornerstone of recovery, each of our residential program options includes the incorporation of “real life” experiences into each client’s recovery journey at the Beacon House.

Our Northern California location on the scenic Monterey Peninsula, provides access to world-class golf facilities, private horse stables in Carmel and endless outdoor recreational pastimes. We utilize these resources to reintroduce clients to “real life” without drugs and alcohol, experiencing how to live a healthy, sober life outside the treatment center.

Beacon House believes that balance in treatment is critical. One way to model balance is through experiential therapy or recreationally based activities which promote a recovery-based lifestyle. By introducing coping tools for stress-reduction and mindfulness, hope is restored through outdoor, spiritual discoveries. Birding, equine therapy and golfing are three of the programs that offer residents the opportunity to explore the exquisite local wildlife and ocean environment.


One of our most anticipated programs, the Birding Program provides a foundation for developing the spiritual aspects of ongoing recovery, while gaining familiarity with the diverse ecosystem of the local region. This program is offered once a month.

"An opportunity to see some of natures wonders through clean and sober eyes…"


Equine Therapy

Equine TherapyOur equine assisted therapy program incorporates the outstanding environment into the recovery process. Utilizing a picturesque horse ranch in nearby Carmel, residents are taught how begin to understand that relating to horses can be beneficial to the recovery process through non-verbal connection and communication. Through this process the horses become aware and sensitive to the resident’s fears, anxiety, aggression and/or intentions. These interactions become powerful tools teaching the individual about boundaries, patience, expectations, diligence, solutions, fear and faith.


“The horses are gifted at pointing out when the insides don't match the outsides of a person. They help to crumble facades or walls without a person even realizing it! Once the participant spends a little time with the horse, they instinctively tune in to the horse and in so doing, become objectively self-aware.”
- Connie Yost, Equine Director, Polestar Farms

Golf & Recovery ProgramGolf & Recovery Program

The Golf and Recovery Program is one of the Beacon House’s experiential services offered on beautiful golf courses on the Northern California coast. Recovery in golf is defined as hitting a shot to get you out of trouble. The development of a new skill set for golf parallels the skill set individuals in recovery develop at Beacon House. Residents will learn to master simple skills at their own pace and practice easy-to-master golf fundamentals designed to immediately build confidence and raise self-esteem. Each participant can enjoy outdoor fresh-air exercise and experience a new manner of living.

We use a simple approach for playing and enjoying golf, supporting an individual’s development through four steps:

  1. Get a grip
  2. Set up for success
  3. Find balance
  4. Swing for a lifetime

"To play golf better, think simply, swing simply…"