Our Approach

As one of the first drug and alcohol treatment centers in the Western United States, we have learned a great deal about what works best to achieve recovery.

Our approach to building a foundation for a lasting recovery from addiction encompasses:

  • Using treatment time thoughtfully. We know that treatment time in residency is precious. The Beacon House has made a significant investment in drug and alcohol diagnostic capabilities to identify the most important issues that will stand in the way of your long-term recovery. Administered during the admissions process, these measures allow us to help you focus on your key issues for the rest of your stay.

  • Providing extraordinary staff support. Our highly skilled, experienced and credentialed team operates at a staff-to-client ratio of almost 2 to 1 - one of the highest-rated staff-to-patient ratios in the country.

  • Creating unique treatment programs. A creative approach to recovery allows us to utilize a variety of methods to achieve results.

  • Focusing on the disease model of addiction as well as addressing any underlying problems that may interfere with successful recovery.

  • Recognizing individual needs. Each of us is different - a customized program is designed to ensure the best recovery result for your unique situation.

  • Providing insight through "real life" experiences. Learning to cope with life beyond addiction is a cornerstone of recovery. Located in the heart of Northern California’s Monterey Peninsula, we have access to world-class golf, private horse stables in Carmel and endless outdoor recreational pastimes. We utilize these resources to reintroduce you to real life without drugs and alcohol, and learn how to live outside the treatment center, one day at a time.

  • Engaging your support community. Another cornerstone to recovery is the involvement of family and loved ones. At the Beacon House your program will encourage your "community" to become a part of your recovery through our Family Program.

  • Supporting your success beyond the Beacon House. We believe the work done after treatment is as important as the work done in treatment. The Beacon House remains actively committed to your life-long recovery. To ensure recovery commitments are met for all of our alumni, we offer to stay in constant touch though the Beacon House OneHealth™ System.